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Providing Opportunities for Success

Our program focuses on academics and basketball skills to help your child improve in school and on the court.

Books and Basketball is a unique combination created to empower student-athletes. We combine our love for education with our love for basketball!

Services offered but not limited to:
(Services at locations may vary)

Basketball Training
Parent Login to Monitor Academic Progress
Player Evaluations
Social and Emotional Learning
Analytical Thinking Skills
Leadership Skills
Motivational and Inspirational Thinking

Then our program is a perfect fit!

Academic Tutoring

Is your child not reaching their potential in school?

Academic tutoring provides your student athlete with necessary skills to excel in school!

Classroom learning can be a competitive environment. During tutoring, students are given individualized, one-on-one attention and do not feel the need to compete with others. Individualized learning allows for positive reinforcement, praise, and constant reassurance-which is not traditionally given in learning environments.

Students are allowed to openly celebrate success and ask questions. Student athletes will develop necessary learning skills, such as analytical thinking and critical thinking. What better gift to give than confidence in the classroom!

Basketball Skills Training

Your child doesn’t have to sacrifice athletics in order to succeed in school!

In combination with academic tutoring, we also provide expert level basketball training.

Skills covered include (but not limited to) offensive skills, defensive skills, shooting, dribbling, speed and agility. We also discuss key, challenging areas athletes face that provide our Books and Basketball athletes with confidence.

Our weekly training sessions also provide one of a kind socialization with other athletes that are also striving for academic success!

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