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Books and Basketball aims to provide basketball training and tutoring.

Rashay and NaDorian Hudson

Meet the Owners

Books and Basketball LLC was founded by Rashay and NaDorian Hudson, both graduates of University of South Florida. NaDorian has had a lifetime in basketball playing on a collegiate level, semi-pro in the ABA league, as well as overseas training.

Rashay Hudson began tutoring kindergarten children at the age of 12 and previously owned and successfully managed Beautiful Minds Tutoring LLC as well as The Beautiful Minds Workshop Inc – a non-profit organization designed to provide academic and social/emotional growth through the use of tutoring in Wesley Chapel.

NaDorian and Rashay Hudson live in Orlando, Florida where they raise their two children.

Driven by Passion

We provide a one-of-a-kind basketball program that offers students a chance at increased success in the classroom, on the court, and confidence in everyday life. With a passion for basketball and academics, we were surprised by the amount of student athletes struggling in school across the USA.

Reading levels of the 183 UNC Chapel Hill athletes who played football or basketball from 2004-2012:

8-10% - Below Third Grade
60% - 4th to 8th Grade
30-32% - Above 8th Grade

With approximately 70% of the athletes not reading at an adequate level, we felt the desire to help change these statistics.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to empower student athletes. Athletes are often pushed through school without fully meeting criteria to graduate. Our one-of-a-kind -program is designed to help student athletes graduate high school with endless academic opportunities.

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